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July, 2006

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    Open Source Web Designs

    One of the things that I rarely have the time to do is to create really nice looking web templates. Stuff that is just graphically pleasing, between work, school and having a social life, I just don't get time to do it. But reading one of the many blogs...
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    Life In Redmond: LFR, BTC-FTC, Registry Cleaning and IE7

    Just a few topics today. :) Things here in Redmond have been pretty crazy the last few weeks, but crazy in a great way. IE7 Have you tried IE7 yet? If not, I gotta say, it's pretty damn good. In fact, I'm writing this post within IE7 Beta3 , and...
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    BTC-FTC Vote 2

    Thanks to everyone who voted in the first By The Community, For The Community vote, we had almost 1000 votes, and an overwhelming vote for the Event Organization Site. Mitch has already started working on it, and we should see it online about August 4th...
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    By The Community, For The Community!

    By the Community, For the Community! I'm really excited to announce a new community program on the ASP.NET website called By the Community, for the Community. It's a system to help out everyone, and give some great community members a platform from...
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    Cannot Create New Website In VS2005?

    [Cross posted to WebDevTools blog ] Over the last few months, I've seen a number of forum posts from people saying that when they choose "Create New Website", the dialog box that showed them the different types of websites they could create was completely...
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