A few days ago, I presented a Live From Redmond: Creating Real World Web Application UI with Master Pages, Themes and Site Navigation in an on demand web cast.  For my first presentation, it went pretty well.  I had never used Live Meeting before, and had only had one Live Meeting "Goofup", where I forgot to shift over to the desktop, instead of the slides.

The presentation went well, but admittedly, there was a lot of information presented, an hour was really way too short to do everything that I wanted to talk about.  In fact, I cut out a good chunk of stuff as I was moving through in order to get through to site navigation and themes in the last few minutes. 

In any event, I had said that I would offer the sample for download after the presentation, and so here it is. You can download it at http://www.nocommonground.com/blogSamples/finishedsite.zip. It's about 6 megs to download but contains everything that I demo'ed in it's completed form, so you can use that as a sample for where you want to go.