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May, 2007

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    reMIX 07 and

    With MIX07 just behind us, there are some fun events coming up in Europe, Asia and else where in the world. REMIX 07 is an opportunity to for people who didn't or couldn't make it to Vegas to see some of the great sessions and events that took place at...
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    T-Mobile DASH upgrade to WM6

    Oh hot! T-Mobile just released the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for the DASH. Enjoy!
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    MIX07 Recap (It's Over)

    Wow, just wow, that's all I really need to say. MIX07 was insane, an absolute great time, and some fantastic new stuff coming out from Microsoft for the web. So what were the highlights, for me it came down to three things, first the announcements around...
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