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August, 2007

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    ReMIX Sessions from Amsterdam

    Sorry for being so quiet lately, things have been a little nutty, but in a good way. We've been pretty heads down working on all kinds of fun stuff, the next version of IE, the next version of Expression Web and getting ready to launch Visual Studio 2008...
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    IE VPC Images

    Just a quick note to let everyone know the IE VPC images will be coming VERY shortly. Since this is the first time I've had someone else create them, it's taken a little longer than I expected it to. I hope to have the images online sometime tomorrow...
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    IE6 VPC's Coming Today

    It's 8:30am PST and the VPC's are in the process of being moved from the staging server to the live servers and I expect them to be up in the next hour or so. I'll update this blog post as soon as they're available!
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