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November, 2007

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    IE6 / IE7 VPC's Coming

    Just a quick note to say that the IE6 and IE7 VPC images are being updated as we speak, and I suspect the new versions should be online Monday or Tuesday.
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    Web Tools Or Tools For Web People

    MOVED This content has moved to my new blog at Thanks, PEte
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    Beginning Expression Web

    I have three copies of Beginning Expression Web by Zak Ruvalcaba to give away. Heck, I'll even throw in a copy of Expression Web! First three people to email me with your full name, mailing address and phone number* get them :) *Microsoft Legal...
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    I'm not going to Click To Activate anymore (soon)

    Phew. I've been pretty heads down the last month on a couple of different projects, and one of the biggers ones just went live today! This morning, I posted an item to the IE blog announcing that we're removing click to activate from Internet Explorer...
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