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April, 2009

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About Peter QIan

Peter Qian graduated from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. He spent five years there earning a double major in Engineering Physics (Nanotechnology specialization) and Commerce. Peter joined Microsoft after his graduation as a SDE in 2008. He is now a member of the WCF Data Service (Astoria/OData) team. In his spare time, Peter enjoys Badminton and Vollyball, and he also plays the Violin and Bamboo Flute.

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    Working with Local Entities in Astoria Client

    Although the Astoria client is really designed to query data existing in some remote service location, it does keep a local copy of all entities it has seen. If the MergeOption is not set to NoTracking, you can find all of the entities currently been...
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    Versioning Protocol of Astoria

    Now that CTP1 of Astoria has been made public, we have two different versions of server and client that can interact with each other. How does Astoria handle the versioning for the various possible interactions? While this question probably does not concern...
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