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  • Blog Post: Versioning Protocol of Astoria II

    In my previous post on the protocol versioning scheme for Astoria, I've explained the two HTTP headers DataServiceVersion and MaxDataServiceVersion. These headers are used by the server and client library to determine how and what to communicate with each other. This mechanism is defined by the Astoria...
  • Blog Post: Versioning Protocol of Astoria

    Now that CTP1 of Astoria has been made public, we have two different versions of server and client that can interact with each other. How does Astoria handle the versioning for the various possible interactions? While this question probably does not concern normal users who sticks to our client library...
  • Blog Post: Getting Row Count in ADO.Net Data Services

    The recent CTP release of ADO.Net Data Services (Astoria) V1.5 contains a nice feature that allows result set counting on the server side. In this blog post, I’ll go over the various ways you can benefit from this feature in your data service. Type of Row Count Before going into details on how...
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