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July, 2005

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    Many Questions: Generics Variance

    One of the main benefits of the addition of generics to C# is the ability to easily create strongly typed collections using types in the System.Collections.Generics namespace. For example, you can create a variable of type List<int>, and the compiler...
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    Many Questions: general catch clause

    I’m back from my course on Software Design. Now that we are starting to think about the version of C# after VS 2005 we are shining a bright light on all the ways the current compiler codebase could be better. This is the fun part of the product cycle...
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    Out this week ...

    I've been out this week taking a great course on designand architecture. For those interesed in the evolution of C#, check this out
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    Many Questions: switch on type

    I hope everyone had a good fourth of July weekend. I certainly did. I spent the weekend hiking around the Olympic peninsula with my girlfriend and capped it off watching the fireworks here in Seattle. On to our question of the week: We get a lot of...
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