BarCamp NYC2 in T - 3 Days

BarCamp NYC2 in T - 3 Days

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There are just three days left until BarCampNYC2!!!  Tell your friends!  Tell your co-workers!  Come on out this weekend and participate at BarCamp! 

BarCamp is set to be a great event this weekend at the Microsoft office in New York CitySign up now as there are a limited number of spaces available.

Remember, if you're coming to BarCamp, be prepared to participate.  Don't worry if you're not a good speaker or presenter.  BarCamp isn't necessarily about standing up in front of a large crowd and talking.  (Although there will be some of that going on too!)  It's about joining the discussion and participating in many of the smaller ad-hoc discussions that will be going on about the latest topics in technology, development, graphic design, and more.

The proposed session list looks great.  You can check it out here.

BarCamp is a 36 hour event.  The doors will open at 9:30 for registration, and the sessions will kick off around 10am.  There will be breaks for lunch and dinner, but the office will stay open for those who wish to spend the night geeking out and playing Halo 2 in the XBox lounge.  Bring your sleeping bags as we put the 'camp' in BarCamp! 

For those of you who haven't been to the Microsoft office in NYC before, it's located at 1290 Ave of the Americas on the 6th floor.  That's the building to the north of Radio City Music hall.  Be sure to bring a photo ID for the building security to sign you in down in the lobby.

Here's a map of the location:

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