Reminder: Peter & Bill MSDN Roadshow in Parsippany, NJ Tomorrow

Reminder: Peter & Bill MSDN Roadshow in Parsippany, NJ Tomorrow

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Just a reminder for everyone...  the Peter & Bill MSDN Roadshow is coming to Parsippany, NJ tomorrow October 16th.  We'll be meeting from 1-5pm at the Hilton Parsippany Hotel, which is located at One Hilton Court in Parsippany, NJ

Click the map below to get directions from Live Maps:

Map image

On the agenda for tomorrow's roadshow:

Session 1 | Light up the Web with Microsoft Silverlight

Session 2 | Building an Effective Messaging Infrastructure with WCF

Session 3 | New Thinking in Data with LINQ and Visual Studio 2008

Bill & I will be there to welcome folks at 12:30pm.   There will be refreshments served.  More details & session abstracts are located at the registration link.

Register Here

Hope to see you tomorrow!

  • Peter, I was at the Parsippany event yesterday.  Overall: good job.  Covering WCF in an hour is difficult.  Maybe next time do the WCF session first?

    BTW... have you tried Parallels on your Mac yet?  I have not run into any major VS.NET 2005 and XP Pro issues yet.

    Might have to try VS.NET 2008 on it soon.

  • Dear Paul:

    Where is your and Bill's presentation that you presented on 10/16 in Parsippany Hilton?

    I couldn't find it. I tried to sign in with my MSDN userid and password but that was not accepted.

    Thanks for your help

    Toon Six

    973 727 9665

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