Get Connected with the Connected Show Podcast

Get Connected with the Connected Show Podcast

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ConnectedShowLogo One of my Microsoft colleagues, Dmitry Lyalin, has recently started up a new podcast called “The Connected Show”.  Dmitry has been working behind the scenes on the show for a couple of months now.  This past week, after finally getting all the logistics in place, he launched the new show’s website:

The Connected Show is a podcast that focuses on Microsoft Cloud based technologies and other related topics.  Dmitry is hosting the show and interviewing different experts in the community about Windows Azure, Live Framework, Windows Live, Silverlight and other innovations that contribute to the very extensive product offering Microsoft now has in this space.  The show is still nascent, and might wonder off into other topics of depending on audience feedback.

Dmitry has four episodes posted up already.  You can hear me on episode #3 talking about my trip to Mix 09 in Vegas back in March. His most recent recording is with James Senior from the Windows Live Messenger team.  Check the show out, give it a spin, and get connected!

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