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January, 2006

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    Fix coming for ATSC minor channels guide bug

    If you use ATSC with Media Center, and have mapped minor channels to listings, you probably noticed that the listings from the .1 channel are duplicated across the other minor channels (if the callsigns are similar enough). This results in a display like...
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    Fix for ATSC after uninstalling Rollup 2

    In some cases you may find that ATSC (HDTV) no longer works after uninstalling Media Center Rollup 2 from your computer. The issue is caused by a schema change in the Tuners registry key. Today I identified a workaround to get your ATSC back up and running...
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    DVB Radio "No TV Signal" Workaround

    I am currently investigating a fix for two DVB Radio issues identified a workaround for those affected. If you are getting a "No TV Signal" blue overlay when tuning to a DVB Radio station, particularly a low-bitrate station like BBC World Service, or...
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    Silly Little Contest Results

    I'd like to thank all of you who submitted entries--even the person who felt it necessary to email me a large picture that had, at best, a tangential relationship to the posited question and probably should not have approached within 100 nautical miles...
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    16.7ms = free software (a silly contest)

    Sometimes being obtuse is it's own reward, but this time there's something in it for you if you know what "16.7ms" is referring to. I'm curious enough to see that I'm willing to shell out my own hard-earned cash to the first non-Microsoft employee that...
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    Windows Insomnia: Why Won't My Computer Go To Sleep?

    One of the issues I am investigating for a fix relates to the auto-suspend feature in Windows. The way it's supposed to work is you set a time in the Power control panel (Control Panel --> Performance and Maintenance --> Power Options) that controls...
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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! It was a nice month, but the break is over and I've returned back to work. Christmas at the Rosser house was a low-key affair, mostly spend decompressing from hectic work schedules and enjoying family and friends' company. My daughter...
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