One more off topic post then I promise to get back to business.

I’ve designed a lot of swag in my career. By swag I mean conference crap… stuff, loot… not as defines it:

  1. Slang. Stolen property; loot.
  2. Australian. The pack or bundle containing the personal belongings of a swagman.
  3. Slang. Herbal tea in a plastic sandwich bag sold as marijuana to an unsuspecting customer.

It’s typically hats, t-shirts, mouse pads or junky, overpriced toys.
When it comes to my own swag it’s a different story. I spare no expense. Take for example a personal favorite – my Y2K survival kit.

It’s packaged in a fashionable, yet rugged, cardboard box (mine is a bit abused)
Every box is a little different, but they all contain pork gravy mix and vivarin – staples in a survival situation.
Vitamin drink, kool-aid, potted meat food product, and a mouse trap.
Who knew a vitamin drink could do all that?
I don’t understand why everyone is so squeamish about canned meat.
Coffee, tequila, matches, ginseng, carmex, tabasco, a lotto scratch ticket, a plastic knife and fork and chewing gum round out the kit.
The kits also came with a deck of cards, and a hand-made wooden yo-yo.

I’m happy to report 100% of the kit’s recipients survived Y2K.