Here's my first blog post of any sort - EVER. I have to admit that I'm not a blog aficionado, so if I should ever stray from blog protocol you'll know it's because I'm ignorant.

So, my name is Peter Taylor and I work here at Microsoft on the Longhorn Software Development Kit team. I work on the tools that build all the documents that go into the Longhorn SDK. The tools are written using the various versions of the .Net Frameworks and rely heavily on reflection, xml/xslt,, and a little bit of I'll explain more about the tools later.

Since I'm in internal tools development my experience using these technologies is more congruent with that of a customer - I run into all the same problems everyone else runs into trying to build real applications in Windows using the .Net Frameworks. I decided that writing a blog would be a good way to share some of my experiences working with these technologies.