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June, 2006

  • Pointless Blathering

    Building the UMDF 1.0 (beta) samples

    I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write about this. The last week or two have been pretty hectic as we try to lockdown for Vista. But we still want people to download the UMDF 1.0 beta, and here are the instructions for that. The first...
  • Pointless Blathering

    UMDF 1.0 (for XP only) beta is FINALLY avaialble

    YIPPY!!! Sometimes it seems like releasing software is more complicated than developing it. We really wanted to have this at WinHEC, but that just wasn't going to happen. Fortunately I have an amazing team to help push through all the problems and...
  • Pointless Blathering

    Searching from the start menu

    When i first saw the new start menu I'll admit that i thought it was overkill. Who in the world wants to search from the start menu after all. But i'm finding that it's actually pretty useful. In the days of yore when i wanted to launch Excel or the...
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