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  • Blog Post: GetScatterGatherList will coallesce contiguous SG list entries

    GregH asked me an interesting question at WinHEC today - one for which I didn't immediately know the answer. He was wondering whether the new DMA DDIs (Get|PutScatterGatherList) would return a single SG entry for each page, or whether they would coallesce physically contiguous pages into a single entry...
  • Blog Post: What is DMA (Part 9): I/O MMUs and why you'll wish you'd used the DMA DDI in 3 or 4 years

    Perhaps you've read through all of my posts about DMA and still think that using the DMA DDIs is optional. After all you've built a 64-bit card, and you're not using DAC so you don't have to worry about busses being downgraded on you (or maybe you don't believe in the boogyman either). Sure someone might...
  • Blog Post: What is DMA (Part 8) - BuildScatterGatherList

    Since i'm on vacation next week, i thought i'd tackle something light this week. Last time i talked about GetScatterGatherList and PutScatterGatherList and how much better they are than the older method of doing DMA. But as much as I like these two functions, they have one major problem that hit us...
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