This is the personal blog of Petter Schatvet of Microsoft Norway.

I blog on topics that I find interesting which are often tangential to Microsoft's products or offerings. In my first post, I would like to say a couple of words about how to get Virtual PC to totally fly!

When using Virtual PC (recommended, particularly if you are a developer or tester), make sure that you have as much RAM on the machine as possible. Then make sure that your host AND guest are defragmented using a real tool - I currently find PerfectDisk from to be better than anything else I have tried and I do own a license for one of the other leading products as well ... I have also turned off virtual memory on both host and guest. This is a mixed bag of tricks because there may not be enough RAM to run without virtual memory (my configuration is currently 2GB physical) for the images themselves, or applications such as Photoshop (as a prosumer photographer, you may be surprised to hear that I gave up my expert Photoshop skills for Digital Image Suite as I could not find my installation disks - since then I quite searching, Digital Image Suite is now good enough even for my Canon EOS-1Ds with L lenses but stay tuned for future postings on this separate issue). Then if you can, put your images on a separate spindle connected through a normal HD interface - preferably not USB 2.0 (and definitely not USB) due to longer latency.

I have found these optimization methods to be very useful in getting multiple images to run with performance on my latop.