DryadLinq now available also for non-academic use

DryadLinq now available also for non-academic use

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Several months ago, Microsoft announced for academic customers the availability of DryadLINQ.  DryadLINQ is a LINQ provider developed by Microsoft Research that enables  .NET developers to use the LINQ programming model for writing distributed queries and computations against a cluster of computers using Windows HPC Server. DryadLINQ enables developers to harness and tame the distributed data storage and computational resources of a cluster, all with a familiar LINQ-based syntax, just as PLINQ enables developers to more easily take advantage of multi-core and manycore. (In fact, DryadLINQ is capable of using PLINQ internally to harness multiple cores available on each cluster node.)


It’s a pleasure to announce that, as of today, MSR has also released DryadLINQ under an additional license agreement, one that allows for non academic use. The academic and non academic releases are largely identical: key differences are in the licenses themselves, and that the academic release supplies source code for the programming model layer whereas the commercial release is a binary-only distribution.


In order to download the new release, you will need to register on the Dryad connect site. You will also need a Windows HPC Server cluster (three nodes will suffice), for which you can download a free evaluation version at http://www.microsoft.com/hpc/en/us/try-it.aspx.


We are looking forward to receiving your feedback about this release!

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  • Could you tell us something about any distributed storage features in Dryad please? In Hadoop we have HDFS and Hive built on top. I cannot find any literature about or comparison matrices, it is unclear to me if Dryad has anything like this.

    DryadLINQ seems to be a QL=>MapReduce compiler like Pig Latin. Where does it get its dataset from?

    Also what level of payable or bundled support is offered on Dryad and DryadLINQ if any?

    On the other hand, this is quite a compelling offer based on the W2K8 HPC Server price list - less than half the price of an equivalent commercial Linux support agreement AFAICT.

    Thanks in advance.

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