Parallel patterns in Visual Basic

Parallel patterns in Visual Basic

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I previously posted in November about a paper I'd written on patterns for parallel programming.  The original paper had over 200 snippets of C# code to demonstrate and exemplify the ideas being discussed.  Due to popular demand (and in honor of the many Visual Basic MVPs on campus this week for the MVP Summit), we've now posted another version of the paper that uses Visual Basic instead of C#.  You can download both versions of the paper from Enjoy!  And, as usual, feedback is always welcome and encouraged.

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  • "Visual Basic MVP" ... That is a title to admire ...

    Although the real "killer title" is: "Managed C++ MVP" !

    Now. A little request if I may?

    Can we please have this white paper in Managed C++ form?

    And how about a ISO C++ form? Ouch ...

  • Thanks for the request, Dusan.  Are you utilizing C++/CLI for every-day development?  Most uses I've seen of it have been primarily in interop layers, rather than utilizing it for entire projects (though I'm sure some of the latter exists as well).

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