Parallel Computing Sessions at the Visual Studio 2010 Launch

Parallel Computing Sessions at the Visual Studio 2010 Launch

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Thanks to everyone who attended our three breakout sessions at the Visual Studio 2010 Launch and DevConnections conference this week in Las Vegas. 

Attached to this blog post are the slide decks that were presented at the talks.  The code from the talks is available either as part of our Parallel Programming in .NET 4 samples at, or in our whitepaper covering patterns for parallel programming with managed code, available at


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  • Are the videos of the talks available, too? I'd love to see the demos alongside the code and slides.

  • Hi Dave-

    The DevConnections conference (at which the Las Vegas launch event was held) is not organized by Microsoft, and thus unlike other Microsoft conferences, the breakout sessions weren't recorded.  There are other videos online you might benefit from, however, available from the Parallel Computing developer center at In particular, my PLINQ talk shared a good deal of content in common with the PLINQ talk that Igor Ostrovsky delivered at PDC09, and that was recorded: The overview talk I gave could also be approximated by watching these two PDC talks: and  There is currently no equivalent video for the patterns talk, but you can read the paper at for much of the same information.

    I hope that helps.

  • Thanks so much for the quick response. I'll definitely give those alternatives a try.

    Congratulations on shipping btw. I bet you're over the moon!

  • Thanks for code and the session. It was fun!


  • Stephen,

    I attended all three of your sessions at DevConnections and found them to be very informative. I have done multi-threaded programming in the the past, and it was always a complex and error prone task. Seeing things like Parallel.For(), .AsParallel(), as well as the new profiling and debugging tools in VS 2010 completely blew me away. Please give my kudos to the entire team.

    I'm giving a talk to my coworkers about the new parallel computing features in a few days and the slides are proving to be very useful. Thanks for posting them.


  • Hi Robert-

    Great to hear.  And I'm very glad you found the sessions useful... thanks for letting us know.

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