Parallel Computing Virtual Labs on MSDN

Parallel Computing Virtual Labs on MSDN

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Interested in trying out the support for parallel computing in Visual Studio 2010 or .NET 4, but don’t have either installed?  No problem.  You can now use the MSDN Virtual Labs site to try these out from the comforts of your favorite browser (that supports ActiveX).  Multiple labs are available:


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    "the part I hadn't realised before, is that whenever a Microsoft guy says your favorite browser, he means IE6!"

  • Hi John-

    I guess I should have picked my words better. :)  Yes, it does require ActiveX, as this effectively opens up a remote desktop connection to a machine running all of this software in a server farm.

    For what it's worth, IE6 hasn't been my favorite browser in a long time.  All of my machines are now running the IE9 Beta.

    Regardless, I'm glad you find my enthusiasm infectious :)

  • The lab is really slow - I have tried a couple of occasions - from North Carolina.  Press a key, wait a second, press another key...

    Also, I tried changing the resolution but there is a message: "You can't change this setting because the height of the display is less than 600 pixals."

    The lab is great - just the environment really takes away from it.

  • Hi Jamie-

    Thanks for the feedback.  I'm glad you enjoyed the lab, and I'm sorry you experienced such troubles with the site; thanks for letting us know.  We'll investigate.

  • WOW! Running this from IE tab of my favorite Chrome browser. The activeX control installed silently without even asking. IE is really piece of crap for security reasons at least. I was not using it for years. And from now I will not use it for another couple of years.

    BTW, the lab rocks. It's really worth the time to check it. Thank you!

  • I have both Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 installed.  Is there a way to download the material so I can run then locally and not need to connect to the virtual lab?

  • Hi Josh-

    The lab materials are available at

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