Tasks are in Silverlight

Tasks are in Silverlight

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So many of you have asked about it, and it's finally here.  You can now download the RC SDK and Developer Runtime of Silverlight 5, which includes TPL Tasks!



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  • Sorry if I'm just missing something, but how can things like DataContextChanged and vector printing be called out as things new to the RC and *NOT* the addition of the TPL?  Seems like a 'WTF' moment for being left out.  If the intent is to keep quiet with the goal of announcing TPL along with async/await in SL5 @ Build, then I guess I'll let it slide. :)

  • Quite honestly, I didn't realize it was in SL5. It wasn't listed in the internal list, presumably because the contribution was from a different team.

    Not malicious, just an oversight :)


  • Ouch - ok, well if it didn't get much internal buzz, I'm guessing the changes of seeing SL5 RTM API's having Task-based alternatives 'natively' is low.  Thankfully wrapping them should be pretty simple IIRC. :)

    Bonus points for whoever gets a NuGet package up before (or soon after) SL5 RTM that includes all the Task-based wrappers, especially if there's some kind of t4 templating approach that could just find and add them (via partial classes) to everything in my silverlight project. :)

  • Hi guys,

    I was trying to implement my own TaskScheduler in Silverlight 5, but it seems like a mission impossible. All virtual methods are marked as SecurityCritical ones. Can you elaborate on this issue?


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