TPL Dataflow NuGet Package for .NET 4.5

TPL Dataflow NuGet Package for .NET 4.5

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As just announced on the Base Class Libraries (BCL) team blog, the RTM release of TPL Dataflow is now available.

Enjoy :)

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  • Excellent, but the version for 4.0 is also updated ?

    I just download it and is the same 1.0 version, that version is unsupported ? Contains all the bug fixes ?


  • Well done !


  • What about TPL DataFlow for .Net 4.0 ? Is it updated?


  • .NET  teşekkür edrim.

  • Marcos & Catalin-

    Thanks for your interest.  There were few changes actually made, and no serious bugs found; as a result the .NET 4 DLL hasn't been re-released.  If there's a particular bug you're aware of with the .NET 4 DLL, please let us know.

  • Great work!!!

    Can we expect an RTM of async and Dataflow for VS 2010 ?

  • woot :D

    congratulations guys!

  • One question, is this problem resolved in Framework 4.5?? Is very important for my project:


  • Yes, it is fixed in Framework 4.0.3 too, you only have to increase the minumun number of threads, something like this:



  • Thank you, BUT:

    Are they going to publish that to teh Nuget UI as well?  It took some significant digging around to figure out how to get that package.  I would have expected it to show up in NuGet if I searched for "Dataflow" or "TPL"  Is it just temporary that you have to "just know" to use the package manager console instead of the GUI sometimes?

  • Works great and added it to the Inverted Software workflow:

  • Are there any plans to bring TDF to Windows Phone 8?

  • @Richard Yes we do plan on doing it, we do not have a timeline to announce yet.  Will post something on the BCL blog once we do.

    thanks for your interest.


  • Hi Stephen,

    Great work. I love ActionBlock<T>.

    I need help with the following scenario.

    I have a table with > 100,000 T records, that I am using to Post() to ActionBlock<T>.

    I'd like to go through the data in chunks of 1000 in a parallel fashion, setting ExecutionDataflowBlockOptions.MaxDegreeOfParallelism = 10, and after all 1000 processing completed reset a resource and get the next 1000 chunk.

    Could you please help me with a sample how I would be able to do that?

    Thank you very much for your help I advance.


  • Ivan:  There are a variety of ways you could do that.  The simplest would be to just use one ActionBlock instead for each chunk, processing the next chunk by creating a new ActionBlock once the previous ActionBlock completed.  But that's likely unnecessary overhead.  Another approach would be to keep a counter of the remaining work items in the chunk to be processed, and when it hits zero, start over again, resetting the count.  Etc.

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