TPL Dataflow NuGet Package for .NET 4.5

TPL Dataflow NuGet Package for .NET 4.5

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As just announced on the Base Class Libraries (BCL) team blog, the RTM release of TPL Dataflow is now available.

Enjoy :)

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  • Will you please release the portable assemblies using a profile that allow TPL dataflow to be used on Windows Phone 7 and 8?

  • Hi,

    I need more documents about Tpl.Dataflow and some "Real Life" examples (see sample scenario below).

    I already read the "Introduction to TPL Dataflow" and watched the "Stephen Toub: Inside TPL Dataflow" on Channel 9.

    I need a more in depth material, please.

    Is there a book about this?

    Is it updated for ,NET 4.5.1?

    Thank you very much for your help in advance.



    Thousands of image urls are on Sql Server 2014.

    Getting data via EntityFramework.

    Images need to be downloaded and saved to hard drive asynchronously.

    I'd like to control the MaxDegreeOfParallelism.

    Environment: Win 8.1 RTM, VS 2013 RTM, 64bit, 4 core, 8GB memory, .NET 4.5.1

     EntityFramework 6.1.0-alpha1-21021

     Microsoft.Net.Http 2.2.15

     Microsoft.Tpl.Dataflow 4.5.11

  • I would be nice if someone would answer the two question on this second page.

  • @3d HD Soft, I corresponded with you offline and sent you a sample.  I will work with our doc team to see if we can put that sample on our MSDN page.

    @Anthony Its on our list and we are looking at doing this.  Keep an eye out on our NuGet page for updates.

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