.NET memory allocation profiling and Tasks

.NET memory allocation profiling and Tasks

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The .NET Framework blog published this morning a guest post from yours truly on .NET Memory Allocation Profiling with Visual Studio 2012.  As you're trying to improve the performance, throughput, and memory usage of code that uses Tasks, the described profiler in Visual Studio can be a valuable tool in your tool belt (of course, the example I use in that post to highlight the profiler's capabilities is one that uses Task and async/await).  I hope you find the post helpful.

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  • Hey, Stephen.

    Would you be so kind as to take a look at this question? stackoverflow.com/.../pattern-for-calling-wcf-service-using-async-await


  • Hi,

    I need more documents about Tpl.Dataflow and some "Real Life" examples (see sample scenario below).

    I already read the "Introduction to TPL Dataflow" and watched the "Stephen Toub: Inside TPL Dataflow" on Channel 9.

    I need a more in depth material, please.

    Is there a book about this?

    Is it updated for ,NET 4.5.1?

    Thank you very much for your help in advance.



    Thousands of image urls are on Sql Server 2014.

    Getting data via EntityFramework.

    Images need to be downloaded and saved to hard drive asynchronously.

    I'd like to control the MaxDegreeOfParallelism.

    Environment: Win 8.1 RTM, 64bit, 4 core, 8GB memory, .NET 4.5.1

     EntityFramework 6.1.0-alpha1-21021

     Microsoft.Net.Http 2.2.15

     Microsoft.Tpl.Dataflow 4.5.11

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  • Dear Steve!

    Happy new year!

    Any chance that the (wonderful) sudoku.exe that you had programmed for XP tablet edition will be compiled for Windows 8?

    My father is a great fan and I'm movuing him from a toishiba Portégé M200 to a Microsoft Surface Pro.

    All the best


  • @Chris;: Glad to hear you like it. A Windows 8 version is here:


  • Hi Stephen!

    There's any chance of the TPL Dataflow library to be released as open source? This lib is great but the documentation on MSDN is very superficial and the access to the source code would be very useful in some advanced scenarios.

    (Sorry to be asking this here out of topic, I didn't found any other way to make contact...)

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