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    GridViewFilterExtender : Filter GridView Rows Client-Side

    Download Source Code and Sample application : Excel's Filter Dialog My GridView Filter Extender The above Screen Shots look promising , don't they ? So, How would one go about building such a control ? Well, I have it laid out in front of you . 1) Find all unique Strings in the same column 2) Build a lookup table that stores the Unique string and the row Indices for the rows that contain the Unique...
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    Astoria DataSource Extender

    Download Source and Example : Most of you must have heard about Astoria. Read More about it here , if you haven't already : Microsoft Codename "Astoria". The Astoria Team Blog : It's a "Database in the cloud", your db is hosted on the Web and you access it via REST -style URIs. I have written a ControlExtender that helps one retrieve data and post data to a db on Astoria using JavaScript. The Extender...
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    MSDN Style Choose a Language Extender

    Download Sample and Source Code : Sample Application : Source Code : Quite recently , someone asked me if there was a control that mimicked MSDN's "Choose a Language" Button. It looks like this: I would have explained that one could achieve this using a combination of the DropDownExtender and some hacky javascript to prevent the popup from closing when one clicks on the options in the CheckBoxList...
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