• With Great Power comes Great Response.write('Ability')

    Astoria Silverlight Client Failing with FireFox 3.0

    Hi all, By now , anyone running a SIlverlight application Astoria Silverlight Client library in Firefox 3.0 would have seen a weird error about charsets. This blog post will describe the error and how to work-around it . Consider the following query : DataServiceQuery<Customers> customerQuery = from cus in context.Customers where cus.ID == 'ALFKI' select cus; AsyncCallback ac = iasyncResult...
  • With Great Power comes Great Response.write('Ability')

    Debugging WCF Data Services

    When developing your service , you might run into some issues and you want to debug your service. Imagine that you are inserting data into the store using astoria and you start getting DataServiceExceptions in your client code. The normal error message would be .. <? xml version ="1.0" encoding ="utf-8" standalone ="yes" ? > < error xmlns ="http://schemas.microsoft.com/ado/2007/08/dataservices...
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