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    Upcoming edits to the OData Explorer.

    This blog post outlines some key changes to the OData Explorer which should be published soon. Take a look below and let me know what you think.The overall theme is simplicity , we’ve removed a lot of superfluous cruft in the UI . Also, moving to OData Library and Edm Library has helped me get rid of pesky bugs that existed in the last version. Add new workspace window Browse collections...
  • With Great Power comes Great Response.write('Ability')

    Bookmarklet to customize Facebook buttons

    What is it ? This bookmarklet is a simple javascript function that changes the contents of standard buttons on Facebook.com. It changes the "Like" button content to be "Can you Dig it?", unlike to "Stop Digging it", and Comment to "Holler!" How do I install this bookmarklet ? Step 1 : Right-click this link and select "Copy Link address", Bookmarklet link Step 2 : Open the bookmarklet manager...
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