February, 2004

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The School of the Future Blog was created to document personal reflections and does not in any way represent the views or opinions of Microsoft Corporation. For further information on the School of the Future Project, please visit www.microsoft.com/education/sof 

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    Chronicle 1 - "The Journey Begins"

    Volume One: The Journey Begins by Mary Cullinane , School of the Future Technology Architect "Why Philadelphia ?" The answer is surprisingly simple: They asked. Through the visionary leadership of Paul Vallas, the CEO for the School District...
  • School of the Future WebLog

    Chronicle 2 - "Everybody's Watching"

    Before I get started on this month's chronicle, let me point out that we will be using a blog format from this point on. While a little more casual then our traditional postings on Microsoft.com, we felt that it was the perfect tool for this project....
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