So we’re back…

I figured most folks were not waiting with bated breadth during the months of June and July for the next installment of this blog, so we took a little break. But… we’re back!


We are back with a final building design plan, a formal development plan, and what we are calling an “Asset Framework” that outlines what specific deliverables will be created to deliver on the school’s mission. A great deal of work has been done over these past few months. The folks in Philly should be quite proud. Each of these documents will be made available on the School of the Future website shortly.


In a couple of weeks, we will be posting renderings of the school’s design. Please take a look and let us know what you think. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.


In the spirit of “feedback”, I’d like to devote this blog to inquiry. I have some questions for all of you out there in the real world that I hope you can find the time to answer. Answer some, answer them all... your comments will be greatly appreciated!


  1. What type of information regarding this project would be of most interest to you, and how would you like to hear about it?
  2. With regards to your classrooms, what is the one thing you wish was designed differently?
  3. If you are under 21 years of age, what high school building attribute do you feel is most important?
  4. If you plan on attending NECC next year in Philadelphia is there a specific session regarding the School of the Future that you would like to see delivered?


See, that wasn’t so bad!

As teachers, we know how important questions are. However, sometimes we forget that power of inquiry. These past 3 months we have asked ourselves some very difficult questions. “What can we give up in this building to lower overall cost?” ”Where are we going to take 6000 square feet from?” When do I compromise and when do I stick to my guns?” Each inquiry has caused more debate. Some heated. All healthy. We have learned that this project is bigger than any individual involved. And we know that come September 2006, all of this will be well worth it…


Please respond to these questions above. Your feedback will help a great deal.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!