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January, 2006

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I'm a Solution Specialist at Microsoft, and author of Pro InfoPath 2007 from APress.

I started at Microsoft in 2003 as an Office Developer Evangelist, showing the value of Visual Studio Tools for Office, SharePoint development, and InfoPath. I then spent fifteen months selling business intelligence to the federal community, in the form of Business Scorecard Manager 2005, ProClarity after it was acquired by Microsoft, and PerformancePoint Server 2007.

I'm now the SQL Server, BI, Visual Studio and BizTalk expert for the Lockheed Martin account team.

This blog is my attempt to help folks understand how to get the most value out of our technologies...

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    "Is there a treeview for WSS?"

    You know, I never cease to be amazed at how smart people get stuck in ruts (myself included). I was a WordStar user in the '80's. Correction - power user. I knew all the dot commands, advanced commands, could make WordStar sing like the devil's own...
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