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October, 2007

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I'm a Solution Specialist at Microsoft, and author of Pro InfoPath 2007 from APress.

I started at Microsoft in 2003 as an Office Developer Evangelist, showing the value of Visual Studio Tools for Office, SharePoint development, and InfoPath. I then spent fifteen months selling business intelligence to the federal community, in the form of Business Scorecard Manager 2005, ProClarity after it was acquired by Microsoft, and PerformancePoint Server 2007.

I'm now the SQL Server, BI, Visual Studio and BizTalk expert for the Lockheed Martin account team.

This blog is my attempt to help folks understand how to get the most value out of our technologies...

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    A simple conceit vs. questions left unasked

    Here's a fun mental exercise - on the one hand, we have the "everyone is lost but me" syndrome, where someone will charge off on a course of action, despite many many warnings about the perilous nature of his quest, until he runs smack dab into that windmill...
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    Dimension Security in SQL Server Analysis Services

    I know, the mind boggles - a developer writing about security... While I was doing the research for this, I was startled by the number of articles on this topic that immediately talk about using MDX queries for dimension security. While MDX queries...
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    This year's hammer - voice prompts

    "When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail" I use this quote a lot to warn against the tendency we have to overimplement new technologies and solutions. Even as I go through InfoPath and BI solutions, I will warn that while InfoPath...
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    Scorecards - SharePoint, SQL Server, or PerformancePoint?

    A few years ago, if you asked Microsoft how to build a scorecard, they may have shrugged. Then we released the "Business Scorecard Accelerator" - a free technology mainly designed to showcase SQL Server Analysis Services. It was so popular that Microsoft...
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