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  • Blog Post: Practical Tools for Analyzing Concurrency – Code Stepping

    One of the clear differences between the release of Visual Studio 2010 (VS2010) and any of its predecessors is the new support for developing parallel code for multi-core computers. If you are a .NET developer, the 4.0 .NET Framework includes PLINQ and the Task Parallel Library (TPL). If you are a C...
  • Blog Post: University Parallel Computing Research Center (UPCRC) “Summer School”

    The UPCRC at the University of Illinois is hosting it’s 2010 Summer School on Multicore Programming (July 19-23), at the Siebel Center for Computer Science.  Microsoft’s participation in this event represents a collaboration between Microsoft Developer & Platform Evangelism , Microsoft Research...
  • Blog Post: New Parallel Computing Platform (PCP) Developer Resources

    The Visual Studio Launch will open a new chapter for Developers writing Windows applications.   Included with Visual Studio 2010 are several new parallel computing technologies and tools.   C++ Developers will discover the C++ Concurrency Runtime and Parallel Patterns Library .  ...
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