Well, it's that time.  Some of you may have noticed some odd things happening earlier today - that was me shutting down web sites on my trusty old SBS server.  It's been running night and day for right at 5 years now (same hardware) and it's time to reprovision old reliable.  I can say that both my underclocked Asus motherboard and SBS together have given me the most reliable experience I've ever had running my own box.  But with the new media casts showing up and a concern that my aging hardware may mean I'm pushing my luck, the sites are now moving over to other boxen.  Here's hoping the recently announced SBS 2008 meets and exceeds the high bar SBS 2003 has set.  With what I've seen, I have every confidence it will.

I've hit a couple of DNS issues from the changeover but it seems to be settling down now - things should get back to normal by end of day.  If not, expect some more details. :-)