Between the H3 launch talks on Robotics Studio and the support our own local National Instruments gave to this year's FIRST competition (with local teams Chap Robotics and Lasar Robotics participating, I was already writing up a nice blog post about how popular work with robotics can be.  (Even if it can get a little dangerous!)

Well, for those out there who don't have a local robotics team, or just want to practice up on the off season, RoboChamps just went live today!  What is RoboChamps?  Simply a way to get some practice and enjoyment out of learning how to program robots of various types and under different environments.  Challenge some of the most creative, experienced, and enthusiastic roboticists that you know and want to know, and possibly even win a chance to head out to PDC this year to do final battle with real atoms and, if you win, walk away with a robot of your own. 

I'm already there and registered, I look forward to seeing everyone online and testing my bot smarts against everyone.  And for those here in Austin, there's the off chance I'll have an additional announcement as well - cross your fingers!

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