One of the mediacasts that's making me try to work in WorldCon in Denver again (Can I do 3 whole months on the road?  But it would be interesting to be in Denver NOT for a contract) is Escape Pod

Escape Pod is audio editions of various short Science Fiction stories - I ALWAYS have several episodes on the Zune when I'm on the road - it's nice to have something that's not cramming details into my skull while I'm driving, but it still keeps me thinking.  If you haven't checked it out, I highly recommend it - it reminds me of the early 'Zine days but with microphones rather than memograph machines.  (Those of you that don't know what that is, think a copier that didn't need to plug in, and smelled bad.)

You can find it at  -, as with much of Science Fiction, please note that it's not always conservative work safe, but there is a warning whenever the story moves into less standard territories.  If you want a nice, date movie type of introduction to the kinds of stories that are done on Escape pod, try Permanent Link- EP105- Impossible Dreams