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May, 2013

  • Philip Kelley

    TF400030: The local data store is currently in use by another operation.

    This is an error which can occur when using local workspaces in Visual Studio 2012 or later. The full text of the message in English is actually “TF400030: The local data store is currently in use by another operation. Please wait and then try your operation...
  • Philip Kelley

    Using multiple workspaces with Visual Studio

    The past couple of posts I’ve made focus on workspaces and the differences between server and local workspaces . Visual Studio and TFS version control are designed to support the use of multiple workspaces on the same machine, but many customers use only...
  • Philip Kelley

    Server workspaces vs. local workspaces

    TFS 2012 and VS 2012 feature a new kind of workspace called “local” workspaces. We continue to fully support the older kind of workspaces (from VS/TFS 2005 - 2010), but we now call these “server” workspaces. In the VS/TFS 2005 - 2010 documentation there...
  • Philip Kelley


    What is a workspace? TFS version control has two main objects to interact with. The version control server. There is exactly one of these in every Team Project Collection, and it’s shared by everyone. Your workspace – this belongs to you. You can have...
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