One of our favorite synths is Foamhenge, a life-size replica of Stonehenge in Northern Virginia. It could only look more authentic if it had a fence around it and a concession stand selling $4 bottles of water.

While we were shooting our How to Synth video, we did a synth of the incredible house in Seattle that the owners let us use. If you like unusual objects d’art, you’ve got to see this.

Washington, DC is always full of tourists, and the US Capitol is one of the places they photograph most. What you may not have seen before are the out-of-towners getting around the Capitol’s West Front in a pretty unusual way. See if you can find them--you'll have to zoom in pretty close.

While you're in DC, check out the National Archives--you can get close enough to see the ink on the Constitution.

Take a break from the Olympics and get to know Beijing's Forbidden City.
Or maybe you'd rather spend a few minutes in the lap of luxury--deciding whether to buy a new Bentley or a Lamborghini.

What are some of your favorites?  Drop a link in the comments section.