We have been abolsutely overwhlemed by demand, and have turned Photosynth.com into a special static/read-only mode for the moment.  The team is hard at work adding capacity and getting the full site back online.  We've been under incredible demand since we released just over 12 hours ago. With everyone waking up around the world traffic has been on a steady ramp up since that release and has far exceeded even our most optimistic expectations.

Getting ready for the launch we did massive amounts of performance testing, built capacity model after capacity model, and yet with all of that, you threw so much traffic our way that we need to add more capacity.  We are adding that extra horsepower right now and should be back up shortly.

Thank you for the incredible reception! 

If you can't get enough synths, you can still view a few of the best ones on our temporary static page (it's marginally more useful than a 'lolcatz' error page, but we still want you to see the experience).  Just hit photosynth.net and refresh the page see a dozen or so great examples.  

Alternatively, while we're busy restoring the full service, we hope you will check out our "How to Synth" video, grab a camera, head outside and start taking pictures for the next incredible synth.

UPDATE 1:50PM Pacific:  Thanks for the supportive comments, everyone.  We are nearly there and will be back up shortly. 

UPDATE: 3:40PM Pacific: Photosynth.com is back online.  New synths are still turned off, but we will turn them back on shortly.