We're delighted to see how many great new synths are being created every minute by people all over the world.  Here are some we wanted to share with you:

What are these guys doing?  It involves bicycles and ropes and it looks like it could be dangerous (or really, really fun).

If you like your fun on a more vertical plane, these French adventurers built a synth you'll want to see.

If you'd like to do some Photosynth tourism, we found this beautiful synth of Malta and a breathaking view of New York.  Make sure to zoom in really close--the detail is amazing.

And just to show you that you don't have to travel to some exotic locale to make a cool synth, check out these guys. After you open it, press the space bar really fast to see it 'in motion'.

And don't forget to tell us about the cool synths that you find--just leave us a comment.