Time for a quick update

We have been overwhelmed (in both good and bad ways) over the past 24 hours with the amount of interest Photosynth has attracted and the amount of creativity that many of you are demonstrating with your synths.  We've been working very hard to meet your expectations and learning and growing along the way.  So, how has the first day gone, you ask?  Well, as of 1AM (Pacific), more than 7727 synths have been created containing 286,689 images.  Synths are coming in from around the world and many are demonstrating amazing new uses of Photosynth as a creative and visual medium.  At the same time, we are seeing synthy scores rise quickly, but if you have any questions about how to get the best results, please do make sure to check out our Guide, the How to Synth video, or visit our help site and post your questions.  We’ve also seen some great questions and suggestions coming in on the support and help site and many of you offering advice and solutions to other members of the community.  This first day has certainly been an exciting one!