Synthing tips: How to synth a room

Maybe you want to show off your newly-remodeled downstairs. Or you want to let your friends see how you’ve decorated your room. Or you want to remember the amazing luxury condo you went through. Photosynth can help. Here are some tips so you’ll get the best synth of an interior space:

1. Start by standing in the center of the room and shooting a panorama—turn slightly and take pictures 360-degrees all around you. Make sure you have lots of overlap between pictures—50% works really well. Make sure you use a tripod and that your camera stays level throughout the panorama—otherwise it won’t synth very well. Start with your camera zoomed out as far as you can for the widest possible shots—then do it again with the camera zoomed in progressively closer , so for each position you’ve got a wide shot, medium shot and close-up.

Shoot a panorama from the center of the room

Shoot a panorama from the center of the room

2. Next, stand in each of the room’s corners and shoot the rest of the room, again with lots of overlap between shots, first wide, then closer. Then stand in the center of each wall and do the same thing.

Shoot from the corners of the room

Shoot from the corners, then from the center of each wall

3. Don’t forget the ‘rule of 3’: each part of your scene should appear in at least three different photos.