So you want to show your cousin in Cupertino your antique umbrella stand, or show your friend in Fargo that cool old microphone you scored on eBay?  Here’s how to use Photosynth to make the most of it:
- Take a photo about every 15-degrees—which means, for something like a vase, you’ll need at least 24-photos to get all the way around it perfectly.  If the object you’re shooting is not convex, you’ll probably need even more.
- Make sure you put the object right in the center of the picture, and that you can see the entire object. Take a picture, rotate the object 15 degrees, and then take another one.  Do that until you get all the way around the object.
- Shoot lots of close-ups.
- It's better to move the camera around the object than to move the object around and have the camera stay in one place.  Look at the difference between this synth and this one.