In honor of the Emmy awards, here are the Synthy awards for best synth of a head.


The way-too-much-information Synthy goes to the 154 photo, 75% synthy "Head.1".  Style points are awarded for at least making sure there were no bats in the cave for the up-the-nose shot, which synthed in marvelously.


Best supporting actress goes to "Charlotte".  This 100% synthy, 21 photo collection of black_bird_blue's six year old daughter in Mulan face paint is very creepy.  She looks like she should be walking the halls of the old mansion in the Shining.


The viewer's choice Synthy goes to the 83 photo, 100% synthy "Simpson head", by GameRate.


The Synthy for worst quality photos that actually synthed goes to "Me ;) Movie Test" for the feed-converted-video-into-the-synther synth.  "My head" by AdamantForce gets the synthy for worst quality photos that didn't synth (much).


Technical achievement Synthy goes to "Karl's Head" for being able to somehow, unassisted, create a 135 photo, 74% synthy head that has a great point cloud.  Again, kudos for having a clean sniffer.


Best self-taken synth of a head in a ballpark goes to "My Head 2" by Piper5150.