Hello Synthers.  I'm Darius and I recently joined the team here at Photosynth with a focus on growing and expanding the community features.  We'll be working hard in the coming months to make it easier for everyone to discuss, share and collaborate with our synths.  If you have some specific questions, comments or suggestions for the community features of Photosynth feel free to shoot me an email with your thoughts. (darius.monsef@microsoft.com)


I made a trip back to Portland last weekend to visit friends and family, and while I was there I wanted to try a couple high-res synths.  My good friend Greg happens to own a pro photo shop and he let me borrow a Canon 5D... I also talked him into letting me try and synth his head.  I work with some pretty brilliant people at Photosynth that can probably compute the math involved to know if a human face would turn out well in a point cloud… but lucky for me I still get to enjoy the surprises around what is possible with the synther.


My Process:


Greg makes a great angry woodsman face, but we decided to go expressionless in our first attempt.  Holding the same expression for several minutes could get a little tiresome. (Although my next attempt at a head-synth is going to explore dramatic expressions… I hope my model is up for the challenge.) 


The dark Pacific NW light wasn’t ideal for shooting indoors, so we sat on his front porch and shot off several dozen photos.  Because of the limited space we had on the porch I wasn’t able to fully get all the way around him, but my goal was to try and capture as much of the details of his face as possible...


The Result:


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More than the lazy Sunday activity of lying on the grass and looking for faces in the rolling clouds above… this point cloud actually has a real face in it.  A pretty good one at that.  


Your Turn:


As a fun challenge, play around with synthing a human head.  Upload your synths and then post a comment here with a link to it.  I'll be updating this post with your creations and the most interesting will be featured on the main page of Photosynth.com later this month.


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Happy Synthing,