What the twittersphere is calling Snowmageddon has blanketed the Pacific NW in snow and ice. I woke last week to find everything covered in snow and excitedly (I grew up in Hawaii... any amount of snow is awesome.) created a synth off my deck and out my front door...  and when I got to work Scott and I visited the top floor observation deck to get a full cityscape synth of Seattle in the snow. 

Smith Tower Snow Day (Joint Synth)
by Scott & Darius

I wasn't the only one synthing the new snow covered world though, a lot of people have been creating winter / snow synths. Here are just a few of them from the last few days. (Click the images and links below to explore the synths)

08.12.22 Winter Wonderland Back Yard
by Earnett

White Christmas Microsoft 16
by Adinelichleam

Snow Day 12/18/08 by Nivlek
snowed in from my balcony by anlee
Bainbridge Snow by Jonathan
Let it Snow by zhenyoung
Snowy House by RobertClarke
snow day by diane
Dec 2008 Snow Storm by iamdaryllmc
December 22 08 - Morning Snow in the backyard by KenIngle
EricRi by Snow on the BBall Court
Snow in Bellevue by fierval
Dec Snow by westcourt

Have you created a  winter /snow synth? Share the link in the comments below. 


And snow hasn't just been falling in the Pacific NW, even Vegas got a bit of an early white Christmas too... and lucky for us somebody was there and captured some of the scenery on a beautiful DSLR video camera.