The buzz is building around the idea of using Photosynth to capture events and real world environments and the Inauguration will be a huge moment for Obama and his family, our country, the world… and for Photosynth.  We’re expecting a big surge of synths being created to capture this historic event, but we’re already seeing some great pre-inauguration synths too.

Some of the Pre-Inauguration Synths

Obama addresses the crowd at the Wilmington, Delaware train station. (David Friedman /

The Capitol by

Scale Model for Presidential Inauguration by David

US Capital, Mall, Union Station from 799 ft by curtw

Inauguration Prep1 by CapPhotographer


What the Blogs and Tweets Are Saying

Overall it looks like Photosynth is being really well received.  This is an exciting moment for our small team.  We’ll be working super hard in the coming week to make sure all the inauguration synths are created and shared as best possible.

Obama in 3D: Photosynth to Crowdsource Synth of the 44th Presidential Inauguration - ReadWriteWeb

Contribute to CNN's PhotoSynth 3D Collage of the Inauguration - Gizmodo

Photosynth’ing the Obama Moment … - Republic Of Internets

How about Microsofts Photosynth... truly amazing. I can't wait to see it in action to it's fullest!@noturavergeprep

Microsoft Photosynth & Silverlight playing big roles online for Obama celebrations. Have you seen photosynth?” @darenBBC

oh, and I'm definitely contributing to that #inaug09 photosynth thing. I'm going to take at least 600 HiRes picks while I'm down there.” @esamek


Have you created a pre-inauguration synth?  Did we miss your blog post or tweet about synthing the inauguration?  Let us know in the comments.