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March, 2009

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    A User Created Photosynth Primer: Jump In!

    This is a guest post by swami_worldtraveler, a fairly new user who has really jumped in and started producing some great work and finding interesting ways of sharing his new passion with others. We’re very excited to see people like him take such an interest in Photosynth (and we’re jealous of his profession… he lists it as “world traveler”). -View the original article here. Photosynth Primer I decided to put together some visuals and text to entice you into my latest foto/3D obsession.... Here are a series of screen-grabs. They were chosen to be visual compelling, and to cover a broad range of features, user controls, and user interface particulars. Highlighted ruins include the Temple of the Inscriptions, a grand view of the site, and the skull from the Temple of the Skull. Totally new to most, and hopefully exciting, is the 3D "point cloud" model resulting from the synth. Exactly what this is will be come clear below. Take a quick visual scan below, then jump right in, if you like! ...
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    Photosynth Map Explore: See the World Through Synths

    During a recent out of the box week, Nathan created this Explore Map as a way to see all the synths that have been geotagged… and with some you putting a lot of time into creating great synths of locations around the world, we couldn’t wait to get it...
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    Photosynth on the iPhone: iSynth App

    Greg Pascale, who was an intern here at Photosynth last summer recently released an app he’s been working that let’s you experience synths on your iPhone. He was able to take advantage of the good 3D support on the iPhone to allow you to not just browse...
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    Shot From Above: 14 Great Aerial Photosynths

    Photosynth lets you use your photographs to create a visual experience from your perspective of the world… and sometimes that perspective is from way above. We hoped to get some synths shot from the sky, but are really impressed with how many have been...
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