During a recent out of the box week, Nathan created this Explore Map as a way to see all the synths that have been geotagged… and with some you putting a lot of time into creating great synths of locations around the world, we couldn’t wait to get it up on our site.  We hope you enjoy it and as always your feedback and suggestions are appreciated.


Explore the Map

In order to fit the thousands of synths that are geotagged on one map, we needed to do a bit of clumping when you’re looking at the world from a high level.  As you zoom further in on a specific area the clumps will break apart. 

Explore Example: Hawaiian Synthshawaiizoom4hawaiizoom3hawaiizoom2 hawaiizoom1hawaiizoom0

Explore Tips

*Load a mini Photosynth viewer by moving your mouse over any of the single leaf icons.

*Use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out.


Go Exploring!  View the New Map.



How to Geotag Your Synths

Have you created a great synth from somewhere on earth?  Geotag it and see it appear on the new map.

You can do this when viewing your synths.  There is a globe icon below your synth title on the right side of the page.  Click that icon and place your synth on the map by finding your location and then clicking where you want the synth geotagged.  There is a save button at the bottom of that map popup.


Synth well,