We joined the Virtual Earth team a couple months ago and we’re excited to release the first result of our joint efforts.  Commercial partners can now use the Virtual Earth platform to take advantage of the immersive 3D photo experiences Photosynth can create and share. You can learn more about Virtual Earth and our new commercial offering at the Virtual Earth product site.


We just posted the news about this, but we’ve already begun to hear some great feedback: TechCrunch thinks this is Where Awesomeness Meets and ReadWriteWeb notes that Photosynth Goes to Work.


NASA’s International Space Station Photosynths


View all the Space Station synths here.


VisitBrighton’s Royal Pavillion Photosynth


View the synth here.


Microsoft Photosynth Integration into Virtual Earth

Watch a video with some more information about the integration.


If you’re interested in a Photosynth commercial license, you can obtain one by contacting the Microsoft Virtual Earth Sales Team at maplic@microsoft.com.


P.S. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean we’re taking away the free Photosynth that so many of you love to use.  You can still continue to use Photosynth for your personal projects.  Our new commercial option will allow us to partner with big brands and to help more people discover how great a Photosynth experience can be.